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Helping you win social security disability benefits

Helping you win social security disability benefits

Helping you win social security disability benefits Helping you win social security disability benefits

About Us


Why I represent claimants

 I have a heart for this work.  

 My daughter was born with a disability, uses a wheelchair and receives Social Security disability benefits. She's not able to work, and if not for disability benefits, she would have zero income. 

 After we had difficulty finding reasonably-priced assistive devices for her like wheelchairs, I created publications that  helped people find such devices. 

 For the past seven years, I've worked for Social Security's Office of Disability Adjudication and Review in hearings for people who have appealed their denial of disability claims. I learned what SSA judges require in order to find in your favor.

 I will put my experience to work for you. There's no fee unless you win your case. And you pay only a small percentage of past due benefits—never any future benefits.   


How much can you get?

The amount of social security disability benefits is different for SSDI (disabled workers) and SSI (low income individuals). You can ask SSA to estimate your potential payments. But to get an idea of how much you might qualify for, here are estimated amounts paid in 2016: 

* Disabled worker (SSDI)--$1166 

*Low income disabled (SSI)--$733. 

 If you are found disabled under SSDI, payments start the sixth full month after the date you were found disabled.  For SSI, benefits begin the month after the month you qualify. Benefits for SSI generally are less.   You may be eligible for back pay back to the date you were found disabled. 

For example, if found disabled beginning August 1, 2016, you would receive a lump sum covering the period from that date to the present. You get Medicare coverage automatically after receiving disability benefits for two years. 






How to qualify for disability

  Medical records are crucial to win social security disability benefits.

You need treating doctors willing to fill out required forms. It is not enough for you to tell SSA that you are disabled or unable to work, even if you appear disabled in person. You cannot be awarded disability benefits under the law if you are working more than part time and earning more than about $1,000 per month.


 I will help you get supporting statements and evidence from your doctors and hospitals. If you're working part time, we'll advise you as to how much you can earn without jeopardizing your claim. Then we'll help you navigate through the complex world of social security disability. 


 An estimated 70% of disability claims are denied by SSA. But you can appeal. The way many claimants prevail is to appear in person before a SSA Administrative Law Judge and present their story with the help of a good disability representative to work on their behalf. 




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